Important: Balance in Social Relationships

Balance in social relationships

Maintaining balance in social relationships

Humans are social animals, and given this, we crave social gatherings as we crave food though food is more on the priority list, in countries like India, China where the population is too high and you would see people around you all the time, invariably this facilitates more interaction and satisfies your urge for social gatherings.

However, the usual problem of indulging in too much of anything breaks it. People often struggle with this issue in their social relationships. Basically, you develop a relationship and start interacting with an individual or family more often.

Sometime later some random friction develops due to known or unknown factors and you are in a dilemma.

What do you need to do for Balance in social relationships?

The answer lies in the ability to say “No” without hurting the relationship.

Self-awareness is also key. Cross-check yourself all the time. Am I doing something more often than needed?

Remember to value the time of others like you expect them to value your time.

I know this topic if you research on the internet, you will find a lot of information, however, to save you time, one good video is given below.